Wednesday, August 21, 2002

The creative process is a very healing process. I mean even the act of writing a blog is cathartic. Even if you write extremely uninteresting, self-indulgent stuff like the one I am writing now.
But the kind of stuff that is out there is amazing. I was reading this blog, written by a Bangladeshi girl based in US, who recounts how she told her mother that she was a lesbian. To think that people will publish something as personal as this for the rest of the world to read kind of freaks me out.
Actually, deep down I think we are all exhibitionists.
In fact, I have imagined myself being the protagonist of this great cosmic drama which is being watched by an unseen audience. You know, something like Truman Show.
Hey, I am not saying that blogging is exhibitionism. I think it is a very human response to the increasing isolation created by modern day living. A world in which your worth as a human being is constantly being depreciated. (Ignore it. Just meant to give some weight to the article!)
In fact, the phenomenon of blogging is very interesting as it is in complete variance to the predictions of those who said that the Internet would create a society where human interaction will be minimised.
But, they forgot that human beings are basically social creatures. They'll bond, gossip, banter, swap ideas no matter what.
Proof: "A magical thing happens when you get your first e-mail from someone who says, 'Me, too'," says Meg Hourihan, an early blogger.
Another one: "In the future, everyone will be famous to 15 people on the Web," says David Weinberger, author of "Small Pieces Loosely Joined," an incisive book about the Net.
Clinching evidence: "Some people can go on and on about something they found on the sidewalk. It connects me to people I would never meet, and I guess people feel the same way about my blog," says Barbara Fletcher, 33, a Web designer in Toronto.
These examples have been taken from an article on blogging published in MSNBC.
In fact, just look at Net usage and you will realise that the two most popular online activities are mailing and chatting!
Need I say more?

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