Sunday, August 25, 2002

From time to time, Ramblings will try to cut the verbiage that invariably creeps into news coverage and give you the story straight. Today we take a step-by-step look at the Gujarat imbroglio.
  • Narendra Modi and goons dissolve Assembly in May and push for polls because they want to ride the Hindutva wave to power.
  • CEC Lyndgoh spoils the party. Says elections only in November-December.
  • This upsets BJP's gameplan. If elections aren't held soon and a new government sworn in by October 6, the party is in serious shit. Reason: Article 174 of the Constitution. Which says that unless a fresh assembly sitting is convened within six months of the preceding one, President's rule will have to be declared. Which means egg on face of Modi, Advani and co.
  • Government is clever. Instead of going in for a confrontation with the EC, which is a constitutional body, it refers the case to the President. Article 143 of the Constitution empowers President A P J Abdul Kalam to refer the matter to the Supreme Court. (You see Presidents and Prime Ministers can't do things just because they you want to. So, they need all this verbose Articles to back them up.)
    In case the apex court agrees with the EC, then the government would have no option but to impose President's Rule till the polls are held.
    Now, all eyes are on the Supreme Court which will hear the opinion on Monday.

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