Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I saw Everybody Says I'm Fine today. Or rather, inflicted it upon myself. One-and-a-half hours of excruciating viewing. I have seen better school plays than this. I mean that's what it looked like, an amateur play mounted on screen, and a very bad one at that.
And somebody should lock up this jerk Rahul Bose.
When all around him guys like Farhan Akhtar and Ram Gopal Verma are making brilliant films, this no-good excuse of an actor tries his hand at direction and goes on to make one of the most pathetic expressions of cinematic creativity ever seen on screen.
The jerky camera movements, the tacky sets, the inane dialogues, the contrived situations, the dumb plot… (Couldn't he get something right, for Chrissake!)
Now to come to the acting.
I kind of liked the fellow in Dev Benegal's English, August even though his performance was panned by some critics then. Probably I was too taken in by the character of Agastya Sen to notice his acting. But then Bombay Boys gave me the first inkling that Bose may not be the greatest thing to happen to cinema after Clark Gable. And seeing him prancing around in colourful clothes in ESIF, mucking up a role which even Deepak Tijori would have done justice to, I thought Bose should do what the character he played couldn't do - commit suicide.
Rehan Engineer is bad. Only saving grace is he looks sincere.
Koel Purie not only bad and ugly to boot.
And what was Pooja Bhatt, lisp and all, doing in the film? She may be producing some good films, but that hasn't done anything to improve her non-existent acting talents.
And the rest of the cast is as wooden as stilts. Even the Hindi film extras you occasionally glimpse swaying beside the hero look more credible.
The most tasteless scene in the whole movie: Purie prances into Engineer's saloon with a group of lepers, gets him to cough up a few hundreds rupees in alms, pumps up the music and makes them dance to it. Her idea of egalitarianism. And the director's idea of showing that she's different! Hey, hasn't anyone heard of subtlety here?
After this I will put my money on a David Dhawan, rather than a Bong who thinks he is a filmmaker.

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