Monday, June 28, 2004

A heart-warming story or Why India is a great country

Sonepat, June 28
A glowing example of brotherhood among the Hindu and Muslim communities has been set in Nangal Kalan village in Sonepat district, where the marriage of a Muslim girl has been performed by donations from the villagers in a temple.
According to a report, the marriage was performed by the villagers last night after the girl’s father Sharafat Ali was left in a lurch when a wealthy man of the village backtracked on his promise to fund it.
The villagers then came to the rescue of the hapless father and collected funds from each household for the marriage of the girl with a Meerut-based groom, the report said.
The duo tied the nuptial knots with pomp and show much to the relief of Ali who profusely expressed his gratitude to the villagers, it added.

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