Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I bunked office today. And after a long time experienced the diurnal magic of sunset and sunrise. These are indeed the two most magic moments in a day. While my sleeping habits effectively mean that I miss nature's morning show, my office hours deny me from enjoying the pleasures of dusk. So, today I stood at the verandah (sounds much better than balcony) and watched life pass by, people returning from office, children going to the park, young couples taking a walk.

I saw the late afternon sun mellow into an extended twilight before dusk pulled down the curtains on the wonderful show and the streetlights flickered to life to drive home the message that the show was over.

There's something very melancholy about dusk and it never fails to remind me of the Suman Chattopadhyaya song, "Mon kharap kora bikel manei megh korechhe."

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