Saturday, September 11, 2004

I just can’t get over that ‘Bloodshed in Belsan’ headline in the Times of India. Given the copywriter’s instinct that drives every smart-ass sub to show off his creative instincts in 48 pts/Times New Roman/bold, I couldn’t but help think of the lengths they can go to. A few examples:
Lenardo DiCaprio dies in a freak accident: DiCaprio Decapitated
President Goerge W Bush is killed by terrorists: Bush ends in Am-bush (pretty bad, even by my standards)
Dick Cheney dies (of natural causes): Dick kicks the bucket
Arnold Schwarzenneger dies (natural death): Terminated: No comebacks for Arnold
Hugh Hefner is on his deathbed: Playboy nears endgame
Osama bin Laden is killed in an US missile attack: Tomahawaks hit home, send Laden to heavenly abode
Pamela Anderson bursts an artery while trying to film a particularly difficult posture with Kid Rock: Wham, bam…Adieu Pam
(I agree that I am stretching it a bit. So, I will stop here. But, please feel free to send in your smart-ass suggestions. I promise to post the best ones!)

Enjoyed a lot!
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