Monday, October 18, 2004

Come again!
It’s funny the amount of bull that does the round of TV nowadays in the garb of serious discussion. Even as DD’s panel of sports commentators expressed their unanimity over how the rain gods had robbed cricket lovers of a thrilling finish to the second India-Australia Test match, the conversation drifted to how the powers-that-be were daft enough to schedule the Chennai match at a time when the region is lashed by the retreating monsoons. When Atul Wassan, India veteran for a grand total of 4 Tests and 9 ODIs, Delhi P3P at large and last-minute inclusion on any cricket panel, piped up: "You know with all this global warming and stuff... there’s always a chance of matches being disrupted by rain." Well, it seems that Mr Wassan has been reading to much about El Nino and La Nina and suchlike and wanted to let the audience now that his learned self is aware of goings-on beyond the limited sphere of cricket.
The knives are out for the cherubic Parthiv Patel. The way Atul Wassan and Charu Sharma were going on and on about his poor show behind the stumps and the repeated telecast of Patel’s myriad misses seem to point to the fact that he will have to do more than flash his dimpled smile to stay on in the team. Unless, of course, Captain Ganguly differs.

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