Thursday, October 07, 2004

Gutkha guy gets glam gaadi

Pan masala tycoon first Indian to own Maybach
New Delhi, Oct 7

Pan masala tycoon Manikchand Dhariwal has forked out an astronomical Rs 5 crore to become the first Indian to own a Maybach, the country’s most expensive car. The keys of the nayarit silver- and mid grey-coloured super luxury saloon was handed over to Dhariwal by DaimlerChrysler Managing Director Hans-Michael Huber today at the company’s Pune plant.

Interesting, huh! Pan masala tycoon beats software czars, steel magnates, chit fund chieftains, petroleum pashas and sundry Old Economy oligarchs to one of the most coveted status symbols. Great branding exercise Mr Dhariwal, isn’t it all about 'Oonche log, oonchi pasand’.

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