Monday, October 11, 2004

Hurray! the aliens have arrived
Object sighted on Himachal glacier had human shape
New Delhi, 11 October
The bright white object seen by a team of space scientists on September 27 near a glacier in Himachal Pradesh had more or less a human shape, according to Anil Kulkarni of the Space Applications Center in Ahmedabad.
"It had what looked like legs, arms, neck and a head," Kulkarni, who was leading an expedition to the Samudra Tapu glacier near Chandratal, said over phone. "It had the shape of a humanoid," he said.
The photo of the object looks like a bunch of balloons, but Kulkarni said the fact the object moved against the wind suggested it was not a weather balloon.
He also ruled out the object being an optical illusion or a ball lightning - a phenomenon where the lightning appears like a ball moving just above ground surface.
Officials at the Indian Space Research Organisation headquarters in Bangalore were not available to comment on the unusual sighting made more than two weeks ago.

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