Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My office and other animals
As I sit here typing in this blog, there’s a cockroach baby (they have a name, but I forget it as the only thing worth remembering in biology school texts was the diagrammatic details of the human reproductive system), crawling around on my desk. No, I don’t work in a shack, neither am I a garage entrepreneur. I work in a pretty swanky office of what I would like to believe is a reputed national business daily. And even as I was writing the previous sentence, Baby Roach plucked up the courage to crawl right over my keyboard, forcing me to halt typing this piece and do a Gulliver and blow it out of harm’s way. And no I am not the PETA types either, but squishing little bugs is not an activity I revel in. Hey, Baby Roach seems to have taken a liking for me. It has crawled the Baby Roach equivalent of a 10-storey building from the floor all the way up the sunmica surface back to my desktop and is endearingly flicking its antennae.
But Baby Roach is not the only fellow animal which has come avisiting. Every other night at office, for I am in the newspaper business you see, Little Tommy Tittle Mouse gets a kick out of startling me half out of my wits by suddenly scurrying past my feet.
What gives me a kick is the fact that despite my office having a strict no-food policy to keep the sterile, air-conditioned interiors reserved only for homo sapiens like me, there’s this amazing fauna flourishing under the very noses of the hawk-eyed administration.
Which reminds me, I need to bring back some mouldy bread tomorrow for Baby Roach.

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