Thursday, November 04, 2004

Head to head

The Telegraph: Bush Kerries on (Brilliant, just like mine)
TOI: It’s two in the Bush (Good one)
HT: Bush is back (sucks)
Hindu: Bush retains the White House (typically Hindu, no-frills)
Asia Age: Bush defeats exit polls (MJ is losing his touch)
FE: Encore for Bush Jr (rhymes)
ET: Bottomline Bush (doesn’t make the wow! grade)
BS: Bush makes it, just (What else did you expect?!)
Indian Express: US hands the key back to Bush (hmm... not snappy enough)
Statesman: Bush back with a bang (Did I hear anyone whimper?)
Business Line: Bush emerges victor as Kerry concedes defeat (Is this the intro or the header?!)
Deccan Herald: Bush clinches cliffhanger (...but headline doesn’t scale any creative heights)
Deccan Chronicle: Bush creates history (Is there a barf bag around?)

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