Monday, April 25, 2005

For all those Doubting Thomases…

…who thought my earlier post was pfaff. This is from the New York Times dated April 25, 2005.
“Internet advertising has been surging in recent years as marketers follow their potential customers, who are shifting their attention from television to computer screens. Yahoo and Google have been among the primary beneficiaries of this change, and both have enjoyed rapidly growing sales and profits.”

It is true that Internet has immensely matured since the last dotcom heydays.

In fact ecommerce is silently a way of life for many large organizations.

So, much so, enterprises are contemplating outsourcing most of their IT infrastructure over the Internet. Something like, pay as you use computation power.

It will be very interesting to watch how Internet2 affects our lives in next few years.
Oops! This is what a Google search of the word pfaff turned up: "Welcome to Pfaff - The premier brand in the world of creative sewing."
Saptak: I would like to be educated more on Internet2 through the good offices of your blog!
For a start to I2, check out a recent news report on USAToday: Internet2 is higher-tech version of regular Internet.

I am too lazy, depressed and stressed to do a more full fledged post at the moment.
Enjoyed a lot! »
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