Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Waterfall it is my countrymen!
L(a)-ir(a)-il(a) may be lyrical, but the new Liril ad lacks the gay (for want of a better word) abandon, the masturbatory appeal, the uninhibited exuberance of its earlier versions. Lone female frolicking under waterfall is any day better than couples cavorting under shower. So, AICH-EL-EL give me back Karen Lunel in her lime-green bikini and laa-lara-lara-laa lara-lara-la la-la-la playing on the soundtrack.
Trivia: The lead song of Virgin Records' 2002 Indipop album Main Zindagi Hoon had the Liril audio jingle integrated within it.

"Waterfall it is my countrymen"

The Today sub-editor hangover persists yet, wot?

One of my life's everlasting tragedies is that I was too young to appreciate of Karen Lunel that which was most appreciable. Alack.
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