Monday, June 20, 2005

Anglo shur, Bangla gaan

Everybody has done it. From Rabindranath Tagore to Anjan Dutta (via Bappi-da), Bangla lyrics set too Western scores is hardly a novelty in Bong music circles. While Tagore chose to Bongofy Auld Lang Syne, Dutta's oeuvre includes the Janis Joplins and Bob Dylans. I, Tridib Sen, decided to do the JJ Cales and Eric Claptons. Here's my Bangla version of the cult hit "Cocaine".

Tui jabi to ja,
Ja bokhe ja,
bhoge ja,
bhoge ja,
bhoge ja,

Ganjar kolke de taan,
Kor modira pan,
bhoge ja,
bhoge ja,
bhoge ja,

Intel-intel hab-bhab,
Tui ekta aasto dab,
bhoge ja,
bhoge ja,
bhoge ja,

Bokhe ja: Go astray. Usually used in the generic sense, as in “bokhate chheleder dal”.
Bhoge ja: metaphor, Go to hell.
Ganjar kolke: Marijuana bong.
Modira: wine, strong spirit.
Pan: verb, to drink. Not to be confused with the noun form, which is a betel leaf preparation that is chewed and then spat out.
Intel: Not Santa Clara-based chipmaker, but a shortened form of the French “intellectual” (pronounced, aa-tel, in a nasal tone). A tag usually acquired in college by dabbling in Leftist literature, world cinema, alternate rock and marijuana.
Hab-bhab: pretensions.
Tui: You
Aasto: Whole, uncut.
Dab: literally, green coconut. Metaphorically, a stupid person. The allusion is probably to the green coconut’s smooth exterior and its similarity to a brain without any ridges, signifying stupidity.
Khokon: Common Bong nickname, like Tapan, Swapan, Hada, Bhonda, Nonte, Fonte etc.

Enormously entertaining as your rendition of Cocaine is, the glossary really takes the cake. Work of sheer genius. Especially loved the daab-brain metaphor. Bloody brilliant, khokon.
Wish I could understand this in the spirit in which it was intended, but guess Honorary Bongs can't be admitted into all the clubs! Glossary is very entertaining though.
Wish someone could actually try and render it musically and acknowledge Tridib as the brilliant lyricist. Is Marauder's Map interested?

We could all have a lovely time then.
You should post the "Ole Ole" bengali version too!!the glossary is too good!
Here's another stanza from a wannabe singer/songwriter with a deep baritone:

Bete Dilip bole
Khokon re shon
Peto maar
Peto maar
Peto maar

Glossary: Bete Dilip: Almost generic name for a small-time Kolkata gangster. May also allude to Haath-Kaata Dilip, who was in the news for luring footballers with his hand (which is kaata) of god
Shon: Listen
Peto: Gangsta slang for a hand-catapulted bomb (sic).
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