Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bale Fails To Gel aka Not He Batty Hotty
Who the hell cast Christian Bale as Batman? Though he is passable with a mask, as Bruce Wayne he is totally unconvincing. Bale just doesn’t fit the bill. Especially, when compared to his caped predecessors like Michael Keaton, George Clooney and Val Kilmer. While Keaton’s Bruce Wayne had the broody intensity of a person leading a double life, Kilmer was the definition of uber cool as the millionaire heir who fights crime in his spare time. And Clooney at least had moulded nipples on his Batsuit to enhance his eye candy value. In Batman Begins, director Christopher Nolan gets the atmospherics right, but his casting is horribly wrong. It's the Bollywood equivalent of Randhir Kapoor playing Don or Shahid Kapoor playing Bhiku Mhatre. Decidedly unpalatable, huh?!
P.S. According to a certain website, “Before Christian Bale was cast as Batman, many other actors were considered or read for the role. These include Guy Pearce, David Boreanaz, John Cusack, David Duchovny, Hugh Dancy, Joshua Jackson, Eion Bailey, Billy Crudup, Cillian Murphy, Henry Cavill and Jake Gyllenhaal.” Why then, why?

"Bale just doesn't fit the bill."

Don't you mean "the beak"? I'm not too sure about bat anatomy...
Let me get this straight. You'd rather have seen Jake Gyllenhaal or David Duchovny play the Big Bat?
I don't know about Jake Gyllenhal, but even David Duchovny would have looked far convincing, saying something like "The Joker is out there."
Christian Bale is the ugliest man it's ever been my good fortune not to know. David Duchovny is the yummiest man on the face of the earth. And yes, I would much much rather see him than the Bale. What's wrong with him playing Batman, Jabberwock? Please elucidate.
Oh how we long for and sigh when no new notes are nailed onto the post!!!
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