Thursday, September 15, 2005

A dear friend mailed this pic to me today. The person on the left is the subject of the lament in my earlier post, and the person to her right is the one responsible for the lamentable state of affairs.

I interviewed the person on the right for a profile a few months ago. Nice chap (though if he knows how to google-search for images of himself, he'll reach this blog and kick your ass!) Haven't interviewed person on the left yet. Hmmm, maybe I should volunteer...
Bro, do you think we should bury the person on (R)alive? Spends half his time on the greens and effs up other people's "armaan".
YB (assuming you are indeed the YB): good to see you here, bro - and of course, you know all about greens (both the golf course and 'green monster' varieties!)
YB: honoured by your presence here.
Jabberwock: Remember your post on person on Right. Actually had toyed with the idea of linking to it. But then dropped the idea when I saw you had good things to say about him. I am really not in a charitable mood now!
Tridib, there's somebody else going very, very green here. Can't say I like this obsession at all. Kindly note that henceforth you must take care of all your meals, wash your socks yourself, buy the veggies, deal with the maid etc etc. Or get The Person On the Left to do it, for all I care. Hrrmph!
dhor betake morer mathay
I quite like the person on the right. Its all bloody conjecture and we are putting the person on the right to sword. The person on the left has the gift of a beautiful face and that seems to be like a protective mask from all suspicions..
i think the person on the right is kinda hot looking
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