Sunday, March 19, 2006

Showing Him The Doors?!

The time to hesitate is through
No time to wallow in the mire
Try now we can only lose
And our love become a funeral pyre

The only thing missing is the spark. In a nation of obsessive lovers, passion can easily degenerate into persecution. The crowds are booing Him (And it’s not Eden Gardens, it’s the Wankhede crowd for Chrissake!). TV commentators are politely hinting that He should probably take a break. Inanities like “Oh! He’s great, he still has a lot of cricket in him,” are being offered to soften the blow. Calcutta had been questioning His place in the Indian side ever since Dada was shown the door, now the rest of India seem to be seconding the view. An entire nation is shaking its head in disbelief as time and time again He fails to come good with his bat. As I write this, newspaper editorials are probably echoing what Moin Khan said a couple of months ago. Today a headline screaming “Endulkar” will probably not generate the same outrage it did a few days ago.

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

Cool. The post should open the Doors of perception for the God!
Call me a Fandulkar if you will but when hes on song, noone comes close. Of course its a different matter that now hip-hop style batting is peferred to the ocherstral.
" the rest of India seem to be seconding the view"

everybody knows, what bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow.
Nah, they couldn't let him go just yet. Too soon after Ganguly's departure.
Tridib, yes it's sad, isn't it?

Apart from the tragedy that time inflicts, and the-old-order-yieldeth and all that...

Look at Kolkata, a city which loved Sachin and still does. But now that its own son has been shown the door rather cruelly, it's time for "besh hoyechhe" and serves him right. Belief in poetic justice, or the parochial head nodding in pathetic vengeance?

You can't blame them I guess, but it's sad that Eden Gardens has come to be equated with pro-Ganguly boos and such negativity

Well-chosen pic, but
Fuck what amazing coincidence.. read this post of mine. I have tried to build a case just like Ayaz Memons and the Bobbili Vijays and the Lokendra Pratap Sahis do..

Click here

The photograph is classic. There is another one I'll try finding on the net. the ball to which Sachin ducked and got bowled. It was Australia and the bowler McGrath.
I stick my head out. I believe Tendulkar still has that one season of brilliance left in him. U heard this prediction first here...World Cup 2007 will see Tendulkar at his magical best.
Just when do you intend to update this blog of yours?? Two months of absence is a bit much no? *Glares and shakes fist* Post now or else.....
gr8 photo! gr8 songs..
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