Sunday, November 11, 2007

OSO Is "Oh! Sexy and Oomphy"
Om Shanti Om is this 3-hour in-joke on Bollywood , which is total paisa-vasool entertainment. It's a tribute to the Bollywood we have grown up with, with its cliched dialogues, corny plots, and chamaktay sitaray. And it needs a duo like Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan -- both of whom are at the top of their game -- to pull it off successfully.
In fact, a part of the enjoyment of seeing the movie is trying to spot the numerous in-jokes. Like Shahrukh looking into the camera and saying, tongue firmly in cheek, "Overacting karna to mera family ka problem hai!"
Though the film cocks a snook at everything Bollywood, the sense that you get at the end is that it's a labour of love. It's as if the makers of the film are recounting to their friends the mad-cap antics of a favourite uncle.
In fact, over the past year there have been several attempts at 'doffing a hat' to the magic of Bollywood of the 1960's and 1970's. Farhan Akhtar did it fairly competently by updating Don, while Ram Gopal Verma screwed it up with his execrable RGV Ki Aag.
Farah Khan, I must say, gets the mix just right.

P.S. Someone, I know, said he didn't like OSO because the film lacked substance. Now, who the hell, goes to see a Bollywood film for substance? OSO is pure Bollywood bheja fry, tarka maarkay!

So this is what it takes for you to make a comeback after a full year of blog-stinence - dude, you're like the Aamir Khan of the blogosphere!
ho ho ho... spot on Jai.
Welcome back dada. Wayched OSO last evening... nice watch, fultu masti. Now waiting for Khoya Khoya Chand.
btw, did u catch No Smoking or not?
Although I havent watched the flick yet, but, in recent memory, never has a bollywood movie drawn responses which are as diverse in nature...
I think it is the views of the die-hard SRK fans pitted against those who were searching for meaning in the cinema..
And seeing you and your spouse's new found adulation for SRK's 'wit' and 'charm', it is not difficult to fathom where your vote lies..
Jai: Thanks! But I am offended. It's the other Khan that I am now idolising!
Chaila Bihari: Ki khobor, boss! Tumi naki aajkal delhi-te. Contact no. ta pathao!
Haven't seen No Smoking as yet. Wouldn't have seen it at all, but for Jai's post.
Anon: I was never at a SRK fan. But you have to give it to that guy. He's a phenomenon. He's everywhere, from dinner table conversation to board room chit chat.
Call me at 09818771272. And not watching No Smoking is injurious to health.
I don't believe you made me miss OSO. Grrr.
Anon, reveal thyself! And Tridib, stop stealing my opening lines.
Marauder: Et tu, Brute?
Finally.. I kind of wrote u off.. Even contemplated removing u from the link list.. But didnt. Maybe for this day.. But son.. U and OSO.. Sorry am not qualified to comment on this post of yours. With pathological intensity I stay away from all things SRK including the Santro..
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