Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Enterprising Mr Tan Moy

So there I was walking down Lembu Street in Singapore's Little India, when I espy this signboard that says Tonmoy Enterprijes in Bangla. But above that in a bigger font it reads "Tan Moy Enterprises" in English. Very enterprising, Tan San!

Fakruddin's Feast

This has to be the only biriyani joint outside of Calcutta serving a mouth-watering version of one of my favourite dishes. So whenever I find myself in Singapore, I make sure to head for this restaurant in Little India for a plate of mutton biriyani and a glass of burrani. At S$6, it's a treat!

I like the fact that these folks make business out of nostalgia and keep the torch glowing.

Last time in this small shack in Lake Tahoe in the Mountains of Sierra Nevada I had the pleasure of eating Macher Jhol.. The only difference was Rui was replaced by Salmon.. And the gentleman who was but a Marwari spoke sauve Bengali.
it's a feast too that you have started writing.
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