Monday, January 05, 2009

Unintentional Hilarity
Lohan denies split with girlfriend Samantha Ronson
¶ London, Jan 6 (PTI) Actress Lindsay Lohan has blasted (What with? bazookas?) claims of break-up with her girlfriend DJ Samantha Ronson.
¶ The reports of an eminent (Wow! celebrityhood bestows eminence on break-ups too!) split sparked after the pair had an argument at a hotel in front of horrified (An argument between a celebrity lesbian couple isn't my idea of horrifying) guests.
¶ Lohan pleaded with newspapers and media organisations "Get your stories straight please. It's really annoying to have all of your friends emailing you saying, I saw, I read, etc ... Little piece of true information: We did not break up!"
(That doesn't sound like pleading!)
¶ The pair were earlier also close to splitting after a string of rows.
¶ The 22-year-old actress was seen carrying a big bag out of their LA home after the row, their most ferocious (Interesting, but how does the reporter know?) since they started dating nine months ago.
¶ Things got off to a bad start on New Year's Eve in Miami when the girls began rowing (Oh! a nightclub with boats inside it, fancy!) in front of their relatives in Set nightclub.
¶ When Lohan stormed out of their hotel room her 31-year-old DJ girlfriend Samantha Ronson did not follow.
¶ Lohan then screamed at Ronson "When I storm off, you're supposed to follow me!"

if you had waited a day or two you could have gotten a spicier story with the dynamic do and a porn star- a la BBC :)
Goodness!! I had no clue you followed Lindsay Lohan's life with such interest.
"Lohan then screamed at Ronson "When I storm off, you're supposed to follow me!"

Many a times have I wanted to tell you this. Thanks, LiLo.
thanks for the class. reuters (rooitars) ishtyle.
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