Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Blowin In The Wind, And It Stinks!
Bob Dylan's portable toilet stinks up neighbourhood

Los Angeles, Mar 19 (PTI) Folk legend and human rights champion Bob Dylan is apparently not the ideal neighbour as residents near his Malibu home have complained of the odours emanating from the singer's portable toilet.
Neighbours of the "Blowin in the Wind" singer are agitated because of the stink caused by a toilet used by his employees and security staff, reported Los Angeles Times online.
Cindy Emminger, Dylan's next door neighbour, alleged that the stench of the toilet along with the smell of chemicals used by cleaners, have made her and her eight-year-old son ill. Emminger has even hired five industrial fans to blow the disgusting odour back to Dylan's estate.
She told the newspaper, "It's a scandal - 'Mr Civil Rights' is killing our civil rights."

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