Thursday, June 17, 2010


One of my instructors spent five years building up my confidence.
He constantly reminded me how important my job was going to be. How many powerful me will come to rely on my skills. And how superior the training and equipment I received was to anything else in the world.
Right before I took my first placement, he asked me who it was who was gonna bring me down.
I wasn't sure what he meant so I said something brilliant like, "No one, sir!"
For a minute he smiled and I thought I'd given the right answer. Then he looked me dead in the eye and shook his head.
"Someone who's thinking 12 moves ahead of you. Someone for whom you are a mere inconvenience. Someone who has an edge."
I was apalled. What was it all for, then? All the arduous work, the impossible hours, the full breadth of my personal commitment...?
"What do I do when I finally meet him?" I finally asked.
My instructor smiled patiently.
"Run like hell."

-- Batman, Bruce Wayne: Fugitive. Writer: Devin Grayson.

Dhan ta naan...!
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